You can follow an 'introduction course blacksmithing' at the Faber Forge! For details contact us.


Welcome at the Faber Forge website! The address for metaldesign, authentic forged work and artistic forging. All products are made by your specifications and wishes. That way we can guarantee the exclusivity and quality of our products.

Faber Forge is a young company with a fresh perspective on one of the oldest crafts in the world. Although our processes usually are old-fashioned, our products certainly don't have to be! Forged work can have a very modern design and yet still have that unique, warm look to it that only truely forged work has. Because this knowledge on not widely spread it is, more often than not, overlooked in modern architecture, gardening etc.

From automated entrygates to lighting, from stairwayrailing to candlestick and from gardentable to art, everything is possible! As is restauration of older forged work or metal objects. And in all possible styles; classical, art nouveau, art deco, modern design etc. The only restriction is the imagination...

Are you tired of seeing the same 'standard' products? Do you have an idea you'd like to see realized? Do you want a product of high quality that will last for generations? Than Faber Forge is the address for you!

Please take your time on this website and convince yourself that forged work fits your life too!

Hint! You can click on all pictures with an orange frame to see a bigger image. Most orange text links to another page too.

This website is mostly in dutch. But pictures say more than words so check the 'products' page. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We are fluent in english, less so in german (but we'll do our best), we have a french native speaker on board and we will try to understand you in italian...